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Sheet # 17/The Three Little Pigs

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Show your work.

1) Once upon a time, there were three little pigs - ages 2, 4, and 6. Are their ages even or odd?

2) Each little pig wanted to build a house. Pig #1 wanted to build a house of straw. Straw costs $4 a bundle. He needs 9 bundles. How much will he spend?

3) The 2nd little pig wanted to build a house of sticks. Each bundle of sticks weighs 5 pounds. Pig#2 needs 10 bundles. How much will they weigh?

4) Pig #3 wanted to build a house of bricks. Each side of his 4-sided house needs 100 bricks. How many bricks will he need?

5) How many different ways could the pigs arrange their houses?

6) Pig #1 worked on his house 3 hours a day for 2 days. How long did he work?

7) Pig #2 built his house in 8 hours. He worked for 4 days. How many hours did he work each day?

8) Pig #3 worked for 16 hours. How much longer did he work than Pig # 2?

9) Pig #1 wanted to put in windows. He wanted to put 3 windows on each side of 2 sides of his house. How many windows will he put in?

10) Pig 2 wanted wall to wall carpeting. He needs 20 sq. feet. The carpet was $4 a square foot, but such a deal. He got it for half price! What did it cost him for his carpeting?

11) Pig 3 wanted an extension phone. He needs 1 yard of phone wire. How many feet is this?

12) Pig 3 also got a good deal on his on his phone bill. It cost him $2 the first month, $4 the second month, and $6 the third month. At this rate, what will his bill be in the 5th month?

13) When all the work was done they decided to play. They played leap hog. Pig 1 jumped 5 feet, pig 2 jumped 8 feet, and pig 3 jumped 7 feet. How far did they jump together?

14) After an exciting game of leap hog, Pig 3 had an idea. To help pay for their homes, they could open a lemonade stand. They could sell lemonade for 10 cents a glass. If they sold 10 glasses, how much would they make?

15) If they made $4.10 and spent $1.50 on lemonade, how much would they have left?

16) After making all that money, they were tired. Pig #1 went to bed at 9:00 p.m. The other 2 went to bed at 11:00 p.m. How much later did Pig 2 and 3 go to bed?

17) They all woke up 10 hours later. What time did Pig 1 get up?

18) For breakfast they each had 5 eggs - no bacon, of course. How many eggs did they have?

19) To work off their enormous breakfast, they walked for hours. Pig 1 walked 3 miles, Pig 2 walked 4 miles, and Pig 3 walked 5 miles. About how many miles did the three pigs walk altogether?

20) While they were walking, a very large wolf saw them. He was starving. "What a swell meal they'd make," he thought. If he could get 5 pork chops from each one, how many pork chops could he make?

21) The pigs were tired and wanted to go home. Even their little piggies (feet) hurt. As a matter of fact, they wore out their little pig shoes. How many shoes did they wear out?

22) Pig # 1 was getting crabby. He felt something was wrong. "We're being followed!" he screamed. "Let's run for home!" The pigs ran and ran. They ran 4 miles in 2 minutes. How many miles did they run each minute?

23) When they got home, Pig #1 heard a knock at his door. "Little Pig, Little Pig let me in!" (Everyone) "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!" Now the wolf was angry. He huffed and puffed and blew the house down! Little Pig No. 1 screamed and ran back to No. 2's house, which was 125 ft. away. About how far was that?

24) Wolf was really angry now - and hungry too! At the stick house he cried, "Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in." (Everyone) "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!" "Oh yeah?" said the wolf. "I'll show you!" And he brought out his high powered fan he got on sale at Osco for $9.98. About how much was the fan?

25) It took only 1 minute to blow down the stick house. How many seconds is that?

26) Yes, the stick house blew down too. Both pigs went squealing down the road to their brother, who like all big brothers said, "I told you so!" And they sat down to watch TV. Their favorite show, Pigmalion, comes on at 8:00 p.m. It was 7:30 p.m. How long did they have to wait for their program?

27) Anyway, this wolf wasn't stupid. He knew he couldn't blow down the brick house without popping a lung so he thought...."I'll just get in my 1963 Volkswagen and run this house down!" If it's 1999, how old was the car?

28) Well, Mr. Wolf hadn't taken very good care of his old car, and Pig #3 did a pretty good job with those bricks, In a contest between bricks and a Volkswagen Beetle, the house won. The pigs were able to make 3 lovely furs for winter, and quit their jobs to sell scrap metal. If the car weighed 1 ton, how many pounds is that?

29) How much money would they make selling scrap metal at $1.72 a pound? Round the selling price of scrap metal to the nearest dollar.

30) And so they lived happily ever after now with their successful pig-iron business. If each pig earns $100 a week, how much will they earn altogether for their week's work?

2) $36
3) 50 pounds
4) 400 bricks
5) 6 combinations
6) 6 hours
7) 2 hours
8) 8 hours
9) 6
10) $40
11) 3 feet
12) $10
13) 20 feet
14) $1
15) $2.60
16) 2 hours
17) 7AM
18) 15
19) 12 miles
20) 15
21) 6
22) 2 miles/minute
23) 100 feet
3)25) 60 seconds
26) 30 minutes
27) 36 years
28) 2,000 pounds
29) $4000.00
30) $300