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Premium Membership # 2 Online Enrollment

One subscription cannot be used for the entire school or district. School wide or district wide site license is available. Please send an e-mail to Thank you.

Pay securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express through PayPal!

We understand that credit card on-line transactions always concern the customers. That is why we chose as our credit card processing company, which secures all transactions with extremely high level of SSL encryption to provide a safe and efficient Internet purchasing. All the transactions of your credit card payment are secured and protected by The businesses, like us, even won't be able to obtain your credit card number from them. It is always the best way to have your credit card payment go through these reputable third parties rather than those web sites that you have never heard before.

However, in order to use PayPal's services, you have to sign up as their member. Membership is free. You can click on the below to sign up your membership with PayPal before you purchase our membership. It is just like filling out your credit card information on any other web site that you purchase something from. It is easy to follow PayPal's instructions to sign up and confirm your membership.

Yearly Membership Fee: US$24.95 + US$1 (credit card or electronic payment processing fee) = US$25.95

Step # 1: Become a member. Membership is free. After you have become a member, please go back to, and log-in your account to make the payment. Select the tab from the top of the "your account page" that says SEND MONEY.

Step # 2: uses our email address to make payments. Please use to make your payment.

Step # 3:
Please provide us an alternate email address or phone number. We will use it to send you the password in case your first email address does not work. You can do it by sending us an email at

Step # 4: will inform us about our payment promptly.

Step # 5: We will email you the password within 72 hours if you provide us an alternate email address or phone number.
Don't forget to check your email. The subject message will read

"Password for Premium # 2 membership......."

If you have not received your username, and password within 72 hours, please provide us an alternate email address or phone number. We will use it to send you the password. Please send us an email at Thank you very  much for your interest in our products and services.