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Customer Service
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We email passwords to the email address you supply on the enrollment form. All passwords are emailed within 24 hours - usually less. If you have not received a password within that time, you should assume that there is a problem. Please check the following items.

1) You use a valid email address.

2) Make sure your email address is working. It means that you should be able to receive and send emails. If you can send emails, it does not mean you can also receive them. For instance, recently some companies went out of business, and their customers were able to send us emails but they were not able to receive our emails. Also check your mail box is not full. Please also check your SPAM FOLDER. Often our emails end up in SPAM FOLDERS.

3) If you are using school email addresses, we recommend you to use alternate email addresses, if available, for correspondence.

4) Often we receive enrollment forms with NO email addresses. We try our best to send you the passwords by regular US mail.

We reply emails daily............if you have not heard from us in a day or two, chances are we did not receive your email or you are not able be receive our email. In that case please send us an alternate email address and phone number for support correspondence.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products and services.