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Enrollment Form (Spanish Version)

One subscription cannot be used in the school's computer lab. One subscription cannot be used for the entire school. Low-cost school and district licenses are available. For more information, please send an e-mail to Thank you.


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(AOL Customers: AOL email system drops emails frequently. To ensure prompt delivery of password, please also provide us a non-aol email address or a phone number)

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Circle One: Parents, Teacher, Homeschooler, Tutor, Principal, Resource Teacher, Others

Amount Enclosed (International money order required from subscribers outside USA): $28.00

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Please mail this form to
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When will you receive your password?

As soon as we receive your order form, and check, we will email your username, and password to the email address you provide on this enrollment form. Don't forget to check your email. The subject message will read

"Password for Spanish membership......."

If you have not received your username, and password within one week from the date you mailed your enrollment form, please contact us at Don't let weeks or months go by without contacting us. See customer service section on the front page of our website for more information.
Thank you very  much for your interest in our products and services.