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Word Problem Solving Program for
Grades One through Sixth

Math education has changed in the past 30+ years. Historically, Math education systems focused on helping students to learn to carry out four basic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Society today, demands not just basic computation skills but a more sophisticated understanding of mathematics. Currently, there are 8 major math strands in each grade level children are expected to master in less than 9 months. Word problems are now part of all math strands. Solving word problems is the weakest part of math education.

Covering all math strands, the program will focus on word problem solving strategies. Using word problems available to the students of this program only, three customized assignments will be sent each week (1st assignment on Monday, 2nd on Wednesday, and 3rd one on Friday) for four weeks through email. Each assignment will discuss strategies on how to solve the word problems. Each customized assignment will have 6 to 8 word problems. Problems will be tailored to meet the student's needs and interests. Student will send us the answers through emails. We will review the answers, and provide the feedback.

Charge( for a 4-week Session): $99/Student (money back guarantee).

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