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My team will rate you as an excellent source. Ms. Brown, 2nd Grade Teacher, Spring ISD, Texas Click here.

The program was a huge success and and our math scores improved in the classroom using MathStories.com - Miss Hyatt, Principal, Buncombe County Board of Education, Ashevillie, North Carolina. Click here.

I've been using MathStories.com - and my kids love them! Mary Leiffort, 1st Grade Teacher, Voigt Elementary, Round Rock, TX. Click here.

How did Alvin Primary School, Alvin, TX achieve "Exemplary Status" ? Congratulations Alvin Primary! Click here.

Why did Bremerton School District, Bremerton, WA, subscribe to our critical thinking problems to boost students' critical thinking and problem solving skills? Click here.

Kathy, 5th Grade Teacher, Florida

It is great! It will be a big help. I am a 5th grade teacher trying to get my kids ready for the FCAT test here in Florida! Word problems are our biggest challenge! Thanks again!

John Sterling, Renton, WA

I think this is a wonderful idea. I am a retired grandfather with two grade school age granddaughters. Having a math background, I am interested in seeing that they feel comfortable with math also.

4th Grade Teacher, SC

I am a fourth grade teacher and enjoy your website - recommending it to my students and publishing your web address in our church bulletin insert for children's summer studies.

Janet Powell, Special Education Teacher, Utah

I teach in a Special Ed Setting and this works well with my students as we have various levels in our classroom. I really like the math stories.com. Thank you for your help, these stories are really cute and do hold the students interest quite well. I appeciate any help you can give me in this area. Thank again.

Ms. Brabson, Grandmother, Florida

I would like permission to copy some of your math problems for my granddaughter,as I am home schooling her this year, and I need all the help I can get. She is ADD, but she is doing well in Math. I prefer your problems to the ones in Lifepac that she is doing now.I appreciate your site and what people like you have done to help others.Thank you very much.

Mrs. Latoszynski Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I went looking for problem sheets that my daughter could work on. Your site provided the perfect solution. She now asks me everyday for her worksheet. Again, keep up the good work. I have bookmarked your site for future reference. By the way, love your site. It has helped immensely. Keep up the good work!

 Mrs. Bassett, Mom

When I clicked on to your site, I couldn't believe my eyes! I am the mom and I was looking for problems such as you have to work with my son. Well, I will be brushing up on my math also.Keep up the good work. We moms need all the helping material we can get. God Bless you and your work.

Peggy Bender, Stanton, CA

I just spent over 2 hours surfing your site and I am so impressed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job WELL DONE!!!! I have 3 children (ages 2, 9 & 10) and your site is perfect for all three of them!! I am positive that I will be back to get some more of your really great math problems. Thanks again for all your help in educating my children, unfortunately, we can not rely on the public school system to provide a GOOD education and I strongly feel that it is the responsibility of the parent to make up the difference and thanks to your site, it will be much easier for me to keep them challenged and increase their intelligence as much as possible.

Mom, Beaverton, Oregon

My son's teacher told me that he needed some help with word problems. My son was slightly below level in math and now thanks to the MathStories.com, his teacher said he exceeds his math level. As a matter of fact, his teacher asked for the site, he has used it in his classroom a few times, and given other parents the site. 

3rd. Grade Teacher, South Carolina

I just found this site and I am using it in summer school. It is a fantastic time saver for busy teachers, and is challenging for students. Thank you so much.

 Nicole Seneviratne, Saint Peter School, Calgary, Canada

I just want to let you know how much I love this site!! I have spent many hours making up word problems and I am so happy that there is a place I can go so I don't have to do it myself. My students only have access to the computer lab for 45 minutes per week so they can't do them in the lab, however, I print off a copy and make an overhead and we do the questions in class. I have been letting kids come into the lab after school and I am able to work one-on-one with these problems. I especially like that there are questions for all levels so that I can have different kids doing different problems based on their ability. I think that adding a brain teaser section would also be really great. Keep updating these questions. I don't know what I'll do when I run out!!! Thanks again,

M.E.-Elementary Teacher/Special Ed. Staten Island, N.Y.

Thank you for the excellent format and lesson ideas. Very useful and convenient! Continued success in your efforts to support education at a quality level!

Mike Jordahl, 4th Grade Teacher, Perham Elementary School, Minnesota

Great website! It is fantastic. I teach fourth grade and have been looking for a website like this for a couple of years. It is awesome!!!!!

Lori J. Homeschooler

I am a mother of a 4th grade homeschooler who has ADD. I ran across your site looking for tools to help him out and ran across your site. It is perfect since he has always had trouble computing story problems. I am sure this will be extremely helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to do all of this work to help others

MW, Teacher, North Carolina

This web page is super. My students have really enjoyed working these problems in class! It is very "user friendly" for the teacher too. Thank you! Create more!

Suzy, Mother, Malaysia

My son 5 year old, just loves your Grade 1 story problems.

Vicki Sharp, Professor of Elementary Education , California State University, Northridge (CSUN), California

My CSUN students love your site. Thanks - a great and useful math site.

Mrs. Acker, Homeschooler

I am a homeschooling mom with a 2nd grader. She has enjoyed the mathstories.We'll use them next year too!

Peggy Hamilton, Homeschooler

Thank you so much for a GREAT math problem site!! I can tell that we will get a LOT of use out of it next year when we start homeschooling, or this summer when we try not to forget what my daughter learned this year in school. I especially liket the idea of underlining the words that indicate which operation is appropriate.

Robert Galloway, Parent, Idaho

EXCELLENT site - I was looking for some math stuff to supplement my 4th-grade son's homework when I stumbled across your site via webcrawler......I will use it a LOT.. GREAT SITE - I will use it often. Thanks.

Jo Anne McClelland, Mother of Two 3rd Graders

What a wonderful service you are providing! As a mom with two 3rd graders, I can't thank you enough for the worksheets that reinforce whichever skill they are being taught. What a wonderful tool you provide for parents, teachers and students!!

Dawn D. Monelli, HomeSchooler of 2 Children, PA

We keep revisiting your site are surprised at all the constant updates Thank you for all your hard work. It shows in the quality of your web site. I wrote last month that I had just started home schooling my boys. They recently were tested and scored above average in math. Especially in word problem solving I know this in part to you and your web site. Thank you again.

 L. Berke, 4th Grade Teacher

I am a fourth grade teacher. I came across this site by accident. I think it is wonderful. Everyday I give my students word problems from your pages. They find them interesting and fun. Thank you so much for helping us help children learn. Keep up the good work.

 Laurie Davenport, 4th Grade Teacher, Whiteboro, TX

I am a fourth grade teacher in Whitesboro, TX. We are responsible for administrating the state-mandated test, TAAS. It is primarily problem solving and little computation. Your website is wonderful and will greatly enhance my curriculum. I am constantly looking for sources to help me. I passed them along to the other teachers in my grade level, told my principal, and have begun using them in class. Thanks

Charmi O'Connor, 5th Grade Teacher, Kneeland, CA

We at Black Hawk School in Kneeland, CA, are very much appreciative of having been made aware of your website through the Humboldt Homeschoolers group. The math word problems are the perfect completion to many of our endeavors of this year in math (fifth grade). We will use the problems to round out our educational work and apply what has been learned. Thank you so much for your endeavors! You are appreciated!

Kelly D. Knotts, Home Schooler

I think your math problems are great. I home school my son and your problems have been a big help. I was browsing the web for Math sites for my son and came across yours. There are not a lot of sites out there that you can use for your kids, I have only come across 2. Yours and one other. So Thanks and keep up the good work!

Helen Colaianni, Title I Math and Reading Teacher, Canton, Ohio

I have really enjoyed all the math stories on your site. They will be very helpful for our classes at Dueber School, Canton, Ohio. Thank you for your wonderful site.

Dave Irving, Parent, Santa Clara, CA

My daughter is in the third grade. Her teacher is giving extra credit points for completed MathStories. My daughter has been devouring the problems as fast as I can print them. Can you provide links to other sites that have math problems? I'd come right out and ask for more problems on your site, but links would be another way to supply my daughter's habit. Thanks so much for your work. It is very worthwhile.